Mitsubishi HiTec Paper: Coated specialty papers

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper offers THERMOSCRIPT® thermal papers, JETSCRIPT® inkjet papers, GIROFORM® carbonless papers, and BARRICOTE® barrier papers designed for label and packaging applications.

Coated specialty papers
Coated specialty papers

THERMOSCRIPT® thermal papers: the demand for phenol-free thermal paper is rising significantly. Mitsubishi has been using phenol-free developers for thermal papers for many years; with and without topcoat; for labels, tickets, receipts or lottery tickets, including integrated security features. Linerless is a fast-growing label segment. The THERMOSCRIPT LL 77 series of thermal papers, launched at Labelexpo Europe 2017 in Brussels, offer a cost-effective linerless solution; also phenol-free of course.

JETSCRIPT® inkjet papers: as a leading manufacturer of coated inkjet papers, Mitsubishi is constantly developing these product lines. Against the backdrop of ever faster inkjet printing systems and the required compatibility of the media with different ink technologies, the demands on inkjet papers are growing. Mitsubishi naturally fulfils the requirements thanks to the special surfaces and properties of the JETSCRIPT products.

GIROFORM® carbonless papers: with GIROFORM DIGITAL ONEforALL, Mitsubishi has been offering a universal carbonless copying paper specially developed for digital printing since 2016. Personalized, individual forms and documents are no longer a problem with this 80 gsm (21 #) carbonless paper. ONEforALL is certified by HP Indigo and is suitable for all current digital toner printing systems, black & white copiers etc. With its explanatory films, for example on fanapart gluing, Mitsubishi offers the best technical service.

BARRICOTE® barrier papers for food packaging: with this new business segment, Mitsubishi offers brand owners, food retailers and packaging industry particularly sustainable and effective barrier solutions for food packaging. The range comprises paper products made from virgin fibers and water-based barrier coatings. With a total absence of plastic films, aluminum, extruded polymers, varnishes, laminates and fluorocarbons, BARRICOTE papers offer effective protection against mineral oils, grease & oil as well as water & water vapor. All products are approved for food contact, FSC® Mix and PEFCTM certified and recyclable. Applications are, amongst others, heat- sealed and cold-bonded pouch papers, laminating papers for cardboard and paperboard as well as wrapping papers.

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