Chroma Color debuts new brand portfolio during PACK EXPO

Breen, Chroma, Carolina, and Hudson Color have combined the talent, technical capabilities, manufacturing capacity, and geographic footprint into one business entity—Chroma Color Corporation.

The four companies are now operating as a single entity with sound business values and an unyielding commitment to provide the plastic marketplace with high-quality products and services, according to the company.

Chroma Color Corporation’s team members have the technical experience and knowledge with high quality color solutions for food contact applications from high-speed thin wall injection molding to foam trays and food storage containers. Chroma Color Corporation customers include packaging processors for applications such as: caps & closures, bottles, thin wall lids, tubs, tubes. We also specialize in industrial applications such as crates, pallets, conveyor belts and more.

“The show was a success because team members were able to talk with many current brand owners and converter customers about our expanded colorant options. The team was also able to introduce other non-customers to lower cost and high-quality solutions we did not have available in the past when we were separate color companies,” stated Tom Bolgers, CEO, Chroma Color Corporation. “We were especially glad we exhibited this year because there seemed to be quite a few companies looking for plastic color concentrate solutions for the product lines they are bringing back to the United States from overseas. We anticipate some of these programs to possibly be put into place as we move into 2019.”

Chroma Color Corporation produces color concentrates and short lead times. The product lines of colorants and additives have performed exceptionally well for customers for more than 50 years in markets such as: wire & cable, packaging, building & construction, consumer, medical, healthcare, lawn & garden, durables, sanitation, recreation & leisure, transportation, and more.

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