Apeldoorn Flexible Packaging (AFP) introduces a new generation stretch film

The new stretch film is marketed under the name Signiflex-PRO and was specially developed for AFP’s distributor partners.

What makes this stretch film so powerful? By using the extensive knowledge of materials combined with micro-layer technology, a film with unique features has been designed. Signiflex-PRO offers an optimal balance between stretch and holding force and is available in various thicknesses. Signiflex-PRO is recognizable by the unique purple core.

Why specially developed for trading partners? Our trading partners often have a wide range of packaging products. By developing a film that is suitable for many applications, we make it possible for them to reduce the number of stock items while at the same time serving a wide range of applications and customers. In this way Signiflex-PRO helps to strengthen the market position of our trading partners.

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