Rexam names Henkel 'Supplier of the Year'

For the second time in a row, Henkel has received the “Supplier of the Year Award” conferred by the UK beverage can manufacturer Rexam PLC.

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Can Europe division, Henkel received the award for, among other reasons, new products successfully launched last year, and with projects implemented at Rexam aimed at increasing the cost efficiency of production processes.

Rexam produces 60 billion beverage cans each year – primarily for the European and North and South American markets. Rexam is also the biggest customer served by Henkel’s Metal Packaging business unit.

In addition to the etch degreaser Bonderite C-IC 740 E, introduced at Rexam in 2011 and rolled out across the company last year, now Bonderite L-FM 290-E – the latest lubricant under this Henkel brand – is also being extensively used by this British customer. The product is completely biostable, rendering the storage and application of hazardous biocides in factories unnecessary. Henkel not only supported Rexam with the commissioning of a new production facility in Finland but was also involved in various projects around Europe aligned to increasing cost efficiency and thus value creation at Rexam.

This is the tenth year in which the beverage can manufacturer has conferred its "Supplier Excellence Awards" to underline the high importance it attaches to its vendor relationships. The “Supplier of the Year” award is the most important of these Rexam accolades. There to receive the awards from Rexam CEO Graham Chipchase at the gala ceremony in Hertfordshire near London were Henkel executives Aziz Mabrouki and Mark Sowerby.