High strength polyolefin shrink film

Shrink film line debuts at Pro Food Tech 2019.

ace packaging solutions
ace packaging solutions

Ace Packaging Solutions, LLC, partnered with an Asian producer of high-quality polyolefin shrink to introduce a line of polyolefin shrink films for a wide range of applications. High strength and excellent optics are core to all its films, according to the company. 

The three basic lines of this film are:

• SP: Superior Performance line that is a five layer, crosslinked film. This is the most durable film and is great for a wide variety of retail products including multi-packs, heavy products, or any products that may get handled by consumers and you want your product to look good on the store shelf, according to the company.

• LE: Low Energy line is our low energy film line that is great for soft goods, irregularly shaped products, printed products, and items with sharp corners. The low energy nature of the LE film provides a shrink that fully conforms to your product without exerting high force.

• EF: Economy film: is our economy grade film. This is an excellent choice for lighter weight products, unitization, or products not exposed to abusive distribution environments.

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