3D cold formable paper replaces plastic packaging

Billerudkorsnäs' FibreForm, the first 3D cold formable paper, enables up to 10 times the embossing depth compared to traditional papers.

FibreForm, the first 3D cold formable paper
FibreForm, the first 3D cold formable paper

Billerudkorsnäs' Fibreform material is made of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, which makes it stiffer than most plastic pouches and presents at retail with less slouching. The customized 3D forming characteristics of FiberForm offers new opportunities for developing ideas and designing packaging solutions.

FibreForm can be barrier coated with a range of films to preserve nutritional value, taste, and aroma and also protect contents from light, moisture, bacteria, and impurities.

The raw material of FibreForm is renewable, compostable, and recyclable and comes from well-managed forests. FibreForm is also offered certified in accordance with The Forest Stewardship Council.

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