When beverages cross the line

In separate incidents, three beverage companies have had to pull their products off shelves for product or package impropriety.

In the UK, a Belgian lager has been pulled from shelves for "risqué positioning." Rubbel Sexy Lager features a scratch-'n-see package that reveals naked bathing beauties. In the US, the FDA issued a warning to Redux Beverages for marketing an energy drink called Cocaine. While the drink contains no drugs the label and Web site call it "Speed in a Can," "Liquid Cocaine, " and "Cocaine—Instant Rush." The Connecticut Attorney general said "Our goal is to literally flush cocaine down the drain across the nation." And finally, beverage giant Anheuser-Busch pulled Spykes malt beverage amid criticism that the caffeinated alcoholic beverage was too attractive to under-age drinkers.
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