'Yesterday once more' design bumps sales 7%

4C Foods Corp., Brooklyn, NY, boosted sales 7% for its 4C brand of seasoned salt-free breadcrumbs by refreshing the canister graphics to help reintroduce the long-time product’s benefits to diet-conscious consumers.

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The redesigned canister gra-phics achieve two important objectives for the 4C Foods:

• They contemporize what some consumers had viewed as a dated package. The container introduces a new logotype while maintaining the “salt-free” banner used on the previous label design. This approach sets the breadcrumb canisters apart from 4C Foods’ other food-coating products while also keeping the breadcrumb canisters within the product family.

• More appetizing product photography depicts seafood, poultry, meat, and vegetables coated with the breadcrumbs. A color-contrasted background focuses the consumer’s attention on the product in action.

“The freshness of the design remains consistent with its past, allowing this and other new products that we have to seamlessly fit into our family of products,” says John Celauro, 4C Foods’ president. “Our product line is diverse, so the package design for each product must convey quality across the broad spectrum.”

J. Roy Parcels Associates (609/424-0397), which created the updated look, describes the design as evolutionary. Roy Parcels, president of the design firm, explains:

“Products go through lifecycles that are determined by many factors. A function of package design is to anticipate, or at the worst respond to, these changes in ways that extend the cycles of products’ lives.”

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