The wrap-up: Concentrated water

The latest energy drink turns out to be…water. Just add this special water to water and you have 'energized' water that's good for your cell.

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Although it doesn't take a chemist to know that all water is H2O, apparently not all water is created equal. At least as far as your cells are concerned, according to Hydra Beverages Inc., with its Concentrated Hi-Energy H20.

One 8-ounce PET bottle makes 24 gallons of Hydra H20, which the company states at its Web site is "an economical way for you and your family to reverse and prevent chronic dehydration and improve your health."

And there's more for the product: "Purifying water is not enough – purification does not resolve the severe energy deficiency in our water today.

Hydra utilizes a new, completely nature-based technology that restores the lost energetic properties that nature once provided to Earth’s most hydrating waters. This technology duplicates the same random flow dynamics and subtle energetic frequencies that nature imprints on water as it travels through alpine forests.

The result? Hydra High Energy H20: Water with enough energy to get through your cells’ walls to hydrate your cells effectively.

It’s more than a theory. We have the science to back it up:

Recent independent clinical studies have confirmed that Hydra dramatically increases intra-cellular hydration – by an average of more than 22%! And naturally. Hydra is the only water that utilizes 100% nature-based technology in its creation."

The directions state to mix two capfuls with one gallon of clean drinking water to make one gallon of super-hydrating Hydra Hi-Energy H20.

So if you're thirsty, it may be because your cells feel a bit dry, and you now know how to reydrate them.

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