Packaging Hall of Fame welcomes three career pros

Toshio Arita, Ray Tucker, and Donald Reichert were inducted into the 2005 Packaging Hall of Fame during ceremonies held in conjunction with Pack Expo Las Vegas 2005.

Reichert is the retired president of A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. He designed the “Seal-All” machine in 1947 at the age of 20. It automatically sealed corrugated cases using an air cylinder that activated an automatic compression device. He has devoted more than 60 years to packaging machinery.

Tucker’s nearly 40-year career in packaging includes development and patenting of two alternative packages for refrigerated fresh dough, commercialization of a new multi-component frosting package, the development and introduction of the first frozen deep-dish pizza pack, and of the first microwave pizza pack. Tucker, the director of engineering and research with Bush Brothers and Co., has been involved in package design, engineering, and implementation.

Arita is consultant, educator, and Japanese editor of Packaging Strategies newsletter. He is active in the Mitsubishi Packaging Assn., a large, influential packaging supplier organization. His experience includes 20 years as a pulp/paper production engineer, and 21 years with Dia Packaging Corp., a packaging entity formed in 1976 by Mitsubishi.

Career packaging professionals have been inducted into the Packaging Hall of Fame, since 1971, in recognition of significant contributions they made in advancing packaging technology and engendering a better understanding of packaging’s role in society. Arita, Tucker, and Reichert were elected from among 17 of their peers by The Packaging Hall of Fame Commission, a group of 10 representatives from all sectors of the packaging supply chain. The group includes Packaging World publisher Joe Angel. PW president Lloyd Ferguson and executive editor Arnie Orloski were previously elected into the Packaging Hall of Fame. —Jim Butschli

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