Packaging leads way in asset management

Digital media asset management—software that allows companies to organize, store, retrieve images, text, and other files for package design and other uses—is not attaining the penetration in graphic arts that had been expected, according to a new survey.

But the results show strong acceptance in packaging, both at consumer product companies and their converters.

So reports TrendWatch Graphic Arts in its “Digital Asset Management: Are We There yet?” The report was assembled from several TWGA surveys, as well as proprietary interviews and analysis. The complete report is available for $1긳.

“Something has to drive companies to purchase DMAM,” says Vince Naselli, director at TWGA. “For packaging companies, it’s the need to manage a global presence. For cutting-edge printers, it’s the need to develop value-added services and workflows.”

Overall, only 3% of graphic arts firms plan to purchase DMAM systems in the next year, and just 5% of prepress companies. However, among consumer product companies, 13% planned the purchase, and 20% of converters surveyed said the same. When company graphics personnel were queried, some 31% reported plans to invest in DMAM systems.

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