High-speed graphics

To help meet the demand for NASCAR-related merchandise, Los Angeles-based Rovar Soap has created a line of “high-performance” soap products in bottles with a high-speed edge.

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Designed by JCZ Design (Santa Fe Springs, CA), the HDPE, racecar-shaped bottles are covered with a full PVC sleeve from Ameri-Seal Inc. (Chatsworth, CA). The heat-sensitive sleeve is gravure-printed in six colors while computer-etched cylinders are used to achieve the precise print registration necessary for the detailed design. Vince Philbrook, general manager with Ameri-Seal, says it was a bit of a challenge to get the graphics to land in the correct places on the bottle after the shrink. Ameri-Seal had to distort the graphics to get them in just the right spot. Covered in a variety of racing-related logos, the bottles were designed to appeal to race fans of all ages.

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