Bag is long on looks and performance

Beauty and functionality combine for an award-winning package of Olive Oil Potato Chips from Good Health Natural Foods, Northport, NY. The 5-oz bags tout their natural ingredients with a large glossy photo of spices, chips and olive oil on a rustic-looking wooden table set against a dramatic black background.

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“We’re trying to communicate with this design that they’re upscale potato chips, a gourmet item,” says Franck LeBerre, sales manager at Good Health. The chips have been available in gourmet and natural food stores nationwide for a year and a half, retailing for $2.99 to $4.49.

LeBerre is fairly secretive about the bag’s structure, but he does say that it’s a 2-mil, eight-layer lamination of proprietary materials. Flexo-printing is in four colors. As a result of the barrier lamination and nitrogen flushing during filling, the chips’ shelf life is a whopping 12 months, LeBerre says. The package won a Best Packaging award at the ’99 Fancy Food Show in New York.

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