Test shoppers prefer shiny labels

According to a recent study, shoppers choose products with a metallized label over similar products with a plain-paper label as much as 26.7% more often.

Conducted on behalf of Rexam Metallising, Oakbrook, IL, by Partners in Marketing, Inc., Worthington, OH, the study had 413 participants in Columbus, OH, and Indianapolis, IN. The simulated-store study presented participants with five products-peach jam, pasta sauce, olives, raspberry water, and cooking oil-in three different brands each. Two were non-national brands direct from the marketplace, while one was a fictitious brand. For the control group, the fictitious brand had a plain-paper label. In another room, the fictitious brand had a metallized label. Graphics and copy on the fictitious brands were identical. In the control group, the fictitious brand with the paper label was selected over the other two brands 49 times, while in the test room the fictitious brand with the metallized label was selected 103 times. By the research firm's calculations, when research participants were faced with similar products, they would choose metallized over plain paper 26.7% more often for peach jam; 18.5% more often for pasta sauce; 13.4% more often for olives; 12.5% more often for raspberry water; and 10.5% more often for cooking oil. "This study confirms that shoppers are attracted to items that catch their eye," says Harry Leibowitz, Ph.D., president of the research firm. "With all things being equal, a label or package that has a metallic look stands out, giving those products a clear advantage in the marketplace."

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