Five Alive tries a new look

Houston-based Coca-Cola Foods Co. began test marketing a new version of its Five Alive(TM) fruit beverage in some Pacific Northwest cities this past May.

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Also new for the well known brand is the container. Unlike the gabletop carton used for the original Five Alive sold in the refrigerated case, Five Alive citrus punch comes in a 64-oz high-density polyethylene bottle blow molded by Stewart/Walker (LaPalma, CA). "It's easy to use and easy for kids to grasp," says Jay Gould, director of new products at Coca-Cola Foods. Also appealing, says Gould, is that it's a stock bottle. "That permitted us to move quickly into the marketplace," he adds. The product also comes as a frozen concentrate in a spiral-wound can. Both packages are now available in San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle and Portland. Suggested retail prices will average $1.39 for the plastic bottle and $.99 for the frozen can.

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