Design may replace advertising?

"Most of our clients now view package design as a form of advertising, recognizing the impact design has in creating and reinforcing a brand's image and communicating its superiority," says Bob Minkus, president of Minkus & Associates (Rosemont, PA), a graphic designer.

Some of Minkus' clients have made sharp cuts in advertising, he says, driven by either profit concerns or by the difficulty in measuring the loyalty that advertising creates. "Package design is now the primary vehicle for in-store advertising," Minkus notes. As an example, he points to his company's work for Crazy Milk, lowfat, flavored milks created for kids (see PW, Feb. '95, p. 8). The package design, Minkus says, not only helped the product surpass sales expectations, but it won awards for the best dairy product of last year and for outstanding creativity.

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