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Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America, LLC

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Company Overview

Aa a global leader in the manufacturing of marking and coding products, Hitachi Industrial Equipment and Solutions America deliver marking, coding, gluing, and labeling solutions. Whatever the application, Hitachi provides the right solutions.

Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America, LLC is a pioneering developer of marking and coding solutions.  We offer a wide range of Continuous Inkjet Printers and other solutions that are aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance costs associated with package printing.  Since 1975, Hitachi has provided solutions to food & beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and industrial packaging.

Leaders in Packaging
Number of employees:40+
Geographic sales distribution:North, Central, & South America
Sales Channel:Distributors
2730 Greenleaf Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Toll Free:1-866-583-0048

The new Hitachi UX2 printer combines innovation with the reliability customers have come to expect from Hitachi. This UX2 continuous inkjet printer has several new features to enhance the coding process:

• Enhanced code quality at higher speeds – The improved dot control algorithms create more legible codes. Even at increased speeds, code quality does not degrade.

• Added convenience and safety – With a sealed Safe-Clean Station, multiple cleaning modes, and self-guided troubleshooting videos available, the UX2 puts the control in the hands of the operator.

• Quick line changeovers – Move inkjet printers from production line to line with ease using preconfigured I/O  connectors, eliminating time-consuming mistakes.

• Newly designed print head – Because of the print head modification to catch inkjet build-up, the UX2 printer can run for three times longer by reducing print quality issues and electronic faults.

A vision system is developed specifically able to isolate each character in the dot matrix inkjet printing while most vision systems on the market today are limited in their ability to read dot matrix printing found on primary packaging. This provides some key benefits to manufacturing companies:

• Specifically developed to accurately read inkjet codes regardless of the printer brand being used

• Isolation of each character to detect code degradation

• Threshold grading system individually set for your application

By designing a vision system specifically for inkjet printers, any code that is readable by the human eye can also be passed by the vision system, getting more production out the door.

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Key Contacts
Tom Bertke
Associate Director
Garan Myers
Sr. Sales Manager