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Precision Laser Technology Helps Move Packaging and Manufacturing Forward

Novanta debuts its Versia laser system at PACK EXPO Las Vegas with a focus on pharmaceuticals and CPG.

Laser coding pharmaceuticals Novanta
Novanta's new two-axis laser scan system called Versia relies on internal scanning mirrors to bounce a laser beam around in a pattern.
Michael Costa

Novanta unveiled its Versia two-axis laser scan system at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, with a focus on consumer packaged goods, medical applications, and more. Those at Novanta say their laser technology offers advantages in terms of precision, efficiency, and versatility.

“What's different about Versia is you can see the scanning mirrors on the inside,” says Rick Elento, lead generation manager, photonics at Novanta. “The mirrors are what's moving rapidly and bounces the laser beam around in a pattern.It’s a combination of analog plus digital. So, you get the speed and accuracy of digital, but you're paying essentially for analog pricing.”

Elento adds that one of the key advantages of Novanta's laser systems is their "zero-touch" approach. These systems ensure that only the laser beam comes into contact with the material being processed, eliminating the need for physical contact with the product. This feature opens up many possibilities, including cutting, perforating, drilling, marking, and coding, all with the precision and speed that lasers are known for.

In the pharmaceutical industry, Novanta's laser technology is used to create micro holes in tablets, enabling them to dissolve faster. Additionally, their lasers are employed for marking and coding tablets and other medical products, ensuring traceability and compliance. In food processing, Novanta’s beam delivery systems include scanners used in food processing to ensure the correct color for ripeness in fruits and vegetables, highlighting the increasing role of laser technology in quality control and precision.

Elento says many companies either manufacture laser sources or beam delivery systems, but Novanta does both, so they can eliminate the complexity often faced by OEMs and integrators trying to combine separate components. He concludes that Novanta's ability to design and build both systems also allows them to offer customized subsystems that cater to specific customer needs.


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