Yves Veggie Cuisine’s brand refresh set to debut

Plant-based meals and snacks in new packaging and logo coming to Walmart, Whole Foods, and grocery store shelves.

Yves Veggie Cuisine, part of Hain Celestial Group, New Hyde Park, NY, creates plant-based snacks and meals for vegans and vegetarians. With more people recognizing the benefits of plant-based nutrition, demand grows for these healthy options.

In March, the company will debut a refreshed package design for its complete line of 20 refrigerated varieties at Walmart and Whole Foods, and on grocery store shelves nationwide. The fresh new look is attributable to branding and packaging design agency Interact.

“The packaging helps call attention to the fresh veggie-forward ingredients that Yves has always been known for, while also bringing forward different usage occasions, like a veggie pot pie or a falafel sandwich on the front of each product package, to help consumers feel inspired,” says Emma Frelinghuysen, VP of Hain Growth Ventures. “We take great pride in our ingredients and feel that now comes through even more just by looking at this new packaging.”

Packaging materials, she says, vary depending on product, but the primary suppliers are Alpha Poly, Associated Labels, Glenmore Printing, and Winpak. The only specific details were provided on the structures were that they use ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) for oxygen barrier.

Also product-dependent is whether filling is done manually or automatically. For those packed automatically, Yves uses a Paxiom Weighpack multi-head scale and depositor.

Yves Veggie Cuisine conducted consumer research and testing during the redesign process, learning that the new branding and package design resonated with core consumers and provided strong appetite appeal. The new line includes appetizer bites, veggie burgers and dogs, ground round, deli slices, and breakfast foods.

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