A 20-year-old Diamond Award

Described at the time as the first retail aseptic package for processed baby food with particulates in a thermoform/fill/seal container, this package for Bledichef baby food was featured as the winner of the Diamond Award in the Dupont Awards competition for 1994.

Pw 65731 20th Anniversary 0614 Resample

Requiring just four quick twists of the wrist to open the four tamper-evident locking tabs at the corners, the package was born out of the consumer’s desire for convenience. After also removing an inner foil membrane, the product was microwaved in seconds and served without needing to scoop it onto another plate.

A quick Google search (pwgo.to/835) makes it appear that, 20 years later, the product and package are still going strong, though apparently the twist-off tabs have bitten the dust.

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