Bottle & label redesign evolution

Gentleman Jack was first introduced in 1988, and the brand had established a market that was primarily 25- to 34-year-old white males.

New Gentleman Jack bottles began to hit U.S. markets about 18 months ago. As master distiller Jeff Arnett notes, “The new bottle design clearly projects a more contemporary, sophisticated image that we believe appeals to a broader audience, including Hispanic and African-American consumers and a larger female following. The new bottle design also has helped us increase the export rate for the brand.”

Arnett outlined the packaging design evolution: “We initiated the design process by providing Owens-Illinois with a conceptual rendering of the desired container. Using the rendering as a guide, O-I produced a Lucite scale model of the bottle. After approval, the model proceeded to the mold unit stage, and the first actual containers were produced. The unit sampling glassware was used to check for container functionality and to identify potential bottling line machine and material fitness attributes.”

Arnett also points out that the new pressure-sensitive labels have an aqueous UV coating applied and cured onto their surface during the printing process. This coating is designed to improve the label’s ability to retain its sheen and withstand scuffing and other environmental challenges. The bottle redesign was launched in concert with a redesigned Web site, national magazine and outdoor advertising, point-of-sale displays and featured drink recipes. Since the redesign, sales of the Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee whiskey have increased approximately 40 percent.

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