Sugarcane-based HDPE is coming to cleaning products

Brazilian-based household cleaning products company Ecover announces that all of its bottles will use a minimum of 30% sugarcane-based HDPE by January 2011.

Pw 3344 Lgo Ecover
Following just days after Procter & Gamble’s announcement that it will begin producing some of its cosmetics packaging with a sugarcane-based high-density polyethylene,  another CPG has publicized similar sweet news: Belgium manufacturer of ecological household washing and cleaning products Ecover reports that, starting next year, it will use a sugarcane-based form of HDPE for its liquid products. The material will be supplied by the same source, Brazilian plastics manufacturer Braskem, which Ecover says is the first company in the world to produce certified “green” polyethylene.

Ecover says that using sugarcane as a bio resource will help the company minimize its ecological impact, as PE based on sugarcane is believed to emit at least 75% less greenhouse gases during its life span than traditionally produced PE.

Ecover relates that it will be the first brand of cleaning products to use this material on a large scale. As of January 2011 all Ecover bottles will contain a minimum of 30% sugarcane-based PE.

“We are investing more and more in product and process developments, where we assess every aspect of our business to see where we can implement a positive change,” says Tom Domen, marketing manager at Ecover. “Our packaging is an obvious part of this. The venture with Braskem will have a considerable positive impact on our CO2 emissions. We look forward to launching the new packaging on the market next year.”