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A U.K. wine critic opines, “At a time when we’re supposed to be reducing our carbon footprints, an increasing number of producers are packaging their wines in disgracefully heavy bottles.” But wait, shouldn’t glass’s exceptional recycling rate outweigh a hefty package size?


A recent study by Consumer Reports details what it claims are harmful amounts of Bisphenol-A in leading brands of canned vegetables, soups, and juices, as well as in canned products labeled “organic” and “BPA-free.” Industry groups disagree on BPA’s threat. What do you say?

The GreenBagTag from CVS/pharmacy is just one example of how retailers and other organizations are using monetary rewards to change consumer behavior around recycling and reuse. Is cash for trash a good option?

A new “Buy One Get One Free – Later” initiative at U.K.’s Tesco retail chain allows consumers to pick up second products at a later date when short shelf life may contribute to food waste. How important is reduced food waste to a sustainability strategy?

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