10 keys to package development success

1. Align corporate management sponsors for change.

2. Focus on providing the best packages to your consumers.

3. Develop clear, concise objectives for improvement.

4. Define areas requiring training.

5. Negotiate support from other functions affected by the change.

6. Develop a decision-making process to evaluate the efficacy of every improvement change.

7. Develop concise, efficient processes for each departmental activity.

8. Communicate the benefits of change throughout the organization.

9. Issue complete, concise, timely packaging specifications.

10. Empower all involved to play a part in leading a successful change.

Source: Bob Collins, CPP/MH and consultant, phone 781/635-7913 or email rcc2@gpopt.com. To read more from Collins on packaging management, see packworld.com/webonly-27710.

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