Cryopak: Insulated pallet transporter

Cryopak's Pallet Transporter CRT is a light-weight, easy-to-assemble pallet transporter that uses insulated panels which have been tested against robust summer and winter profiles, and is designed to maintain 15-30 degrees C for up to 120 hours.

Pw 43282 Pallet Transporter Crt

The Pallet Transporter CRT offers superior performance to traditional polyurethane, according to the company, and are also designed to be assembled by only 1 person.  It also offers re-usable or single-use capability and comes with a standard wood pallet or tough re-usable plastic pallet.  Other options include corrugated outer covering or reusable plastic outer covering.

The Pallet Transporter CRT is designed to optimize space--up to four pallet transporters can fit on to a single LD7 or cookie sheet air pallet.  It is designed with reusable Phase 22 refrigerant packs that are engineered to maintain payload at room temperature. These refrigerants are per-conditioned at room temperature.


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