PAC Worldwide Corporation: Ultra-thick 1/2" bubble mailer

PAC Worldwide Corp. announced another paradigm changing product with the release of the Jumbojacket™.

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Pw 40212 Half Inch Bubble 0

This ultra-thick bubble mailer is designed to drastically reduce customers’ corrugated shipping costs, and eliminate the need for air filled pillows, packaging peanuts or crumpled kraft paper. Because of the excessive void-fill materials required in corrugated packaging, the 100% recyclable Jumbojacket is also a winner when it comes to a more environmentally friendly option for shipping your products. The Jumbojacket is an extra high profile bubble mailer that goes beyond the protection of a regular poly bubble mailer. This bubble mailer is 5 times thicker than the average bubble mailer, lined with a thick 1/2” bubble vs. the standard bubble. The Jumbojacket protects your more fragile items in transit such as hardcover books, textbooks, tablet PCs, e-readers, cell phones, and other electronic components in transit.

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