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Cold chain products

Pw 4671 Ktm

Biodegradable shipping cooler
• Green Cell Foam™ insulated cooler offers cushioning and environmental benefits
• is multi-shock capable to help avoid fracture-based failures
• offers insulation for dry ice and gel ice; coolers are compostable and fully biodegrade in less than 60 days
KTM Industries (

Inflatable single-dose shipper for controlled room temperature
• Inflater Pack maintains mandated temperature-sensitive 20-25°C CRT and 2-8°C refrigerated temperature ranges for 24-48 hr
• the first inflatable shipper equipped with phase-change material is designed to transport small quantities or single doses of temperature-sensitive products
• reusable and recyclable, it is said to ship for less than half the cost of traditional single-dose shipping solutions (corrugated boxes, extruded polystyrene and gel packs)
Entropy Solutions Inc. (

Universal shipper
• pre-qualified KoolTemp 
GTS-52 universal shipper maintains 2°C to 8°C protection for up to 96 hours under extreme weather conditions
• reusable, easily packed, environmentally safe, its 3-3⁄4 in. x 3-3⁄4 in. x 8-5⁄8 in. payload area for long-term domestic or international shipments of small payloads of valuable vaccines, pharmaceutical products, and blood
• prequalified at minimum and maximum loads, under summer and winter conditions, the GTS-52 has also been tested at -30°C for up to 96 hours using dry ice
Cold Chain Technologies (

Air cargo container
• AcuTemp® RKN container received approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency and now has certifications from both the European and U.S. FAA
• able to record payload, temperature, access and power status, with the data accessible through a USB port
• offers both cooling and heating capabilities; sustains consistent user-selected temperature between 4 and 25ºC, while being exposed to ambient temperatures as extreme as -30 to +49º C
CSafe, LLC (

Labels record temperatures
• irreversible temperature recording labels provide a permanent record of temperatures during product shipment
• press-on label offers immediate visual indication to warn of temperature conditions that exceed the specs of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals
• available in a series of temperature ranges from a low of 100°F up to 500°F (38°C to 260°C maximum), with each label printed in both °F and °C
Telatemp Corp. (

Foam packaging
• Instapak® TempGuard™ Cold Chain Packaging keeps temperature-sensitive products safe during shipment, using Instapak polyurethane foam for insulation
• by keeping product colder for longer time periods, the packaging allows companies to switch to more economical two- or three-day shipping
• permits using fewer gel packs or dry ice, reducing potential material and freight costs
Sealed Air (

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