Refill Revolution

Refillable and reusable packaging continues to come through the innovation funnel. See a few examples from ThePackHub’s September Packaging Innovation Briefing Report.

Reusable and refillable packaging examples have increased in occurrence, notably over the last 18 months as brands, retailers and suppliers look at ways of tackling single use and difficult to recycle packaging. A change in consumer attitude is emerging with resistance to single use packaging. The innovations collated can be segmented into the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's four reuse models Refill at home, Return from home, Refill on the go and return on the go. Dry food, household and personal care sectors are the ones that are making the most ground. Many of the in store examples listed are small trials and pilots as major retail chains test the water with a small number of initiatives in outlets. Their next moves will be eagerly anticipated.

Personal Care Box Package is All About Reuse

Zero Co is a Kickstarter crowdfunding project, selling refillable household cleaning products with containers made from what has been labelled OBL (ocean, beach and landfill) plastic. They have now announced their next project which is called the ‘Body Box’, in what they are claiming is the world’s first single use free personal care box. The box consists of eight items, a one litre pouch and 500ml ‘forever’ bottle for shampoo, the same for conditioner, a 50ml ‘forever’ deodorant bottle plus 100ml refill, and a 500ml body lotion pouch and 500ml ‘forever’ bottle. Once the pouches are empty, they can be posted back to Zero Co for cleaning and refilling. The Body Box starter pack costs $69AUS (£36.43), of which $5 goes towards their ocean clean up effort. So far, the business has collected over 6000kgs of OBL plastic that has been used to help make their ‘forever’ containers.Zero Co Forever ContainersZero Co Forever Containers

Hand Soap for Office Workers in Reusable Packaging Test

Reusable packaging pioneers Loop is collaborating with Marly, France headquartered distributor of office supplies and workplace services Lyreco on a new office based reusable packaging trial. The pilot will see offices using bespoke stainless steel packaging for hand soap and hand sanitizers that can be reused up to 100 times. Office customers order through Lyreco’s website. The product is delivered alongside a reusable tote bag for the empty containers to be collected when they are empty. Like all Loop offerings, the packaging is taken away, cleaned and then refilled to be used again. The initiative is in line with Lyreco’s 2025 Circular Economy Pledge to provide end of life collection cut its CO2 emissions by 57% since 2010.and recovery as well as phase out single use plastics. Lyreco has cut its CO2 emissions by 57% since 2010.LyrecoLyreco Loop
Canadian Retailer Introduces Aluminum Bottles for Refill Stations

Refill stations are becoming increasingly prominent around the globe, with an estimated 300,000 stations already offering refills of basic goods like water. Additionally, ThePackHub Innovation Zone is tracking a rise in refill stations for more complex products with the aim of improved sustainability very much the focus. Another example sees The Body Shop in Canada, who are introducing a refill program with aluminum bottles. The retailer were one of the first to explore refillable packaging for their products. It is the first part of a five year long objective to introduce refill stations around the world, all using aluminum bottles. This will include many of the brand’s products, including shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and soaps, appearing at participating locations in Canada. The Body Shop estimate that customers can eliminate the use of over 25 tons of plastic each year by using their refill stations.The Body ShopLearn more about ThePackHub's Innovation Zone here.

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