InkJet: RightScan ink for case coding, barcodes, and corrugated cartons

InkJet’s RightScan, a replacement ink for Trident’s ScanTrue II, is now available in one-quart bottles.

InkJet, a supplier of industrial fluids and printers, introduced its RightScan replacement ink for Trident’sScanTrue II ink a year ago, as a cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to the original equipment manufacturer. The company presently announces that the ink is now available in one-quart bottles.


InkJet’s RightScan product is a black oil-based pigment ink that serves as a direct replacement for Trident ScanTrue II ink used for case coding, barcodes, and corrugated cartons. RightScan ink is compatible with Trident printheads, and it is mineral oil free. It is designed to offer dark, crisp print on substrates, and print verifiable barcodes with greater edge definition while minimizing ink bleed on porous substrates. The product is designed to not require flushing. The print has good light fastness and wet fastness once dried andprovides excellent infrared readability for scanning, according to the company.


RightScan ink can replace Diagraph, Foxjet, Mathewsand other ScanTrue II ink printers.

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