IIMAK: High resolution ink

IIMAK announces the Sure Scan II™ Plus high-resolution replacement ink designed for printing high-resolution bar codes and text directly onto corrugated cartons.

Sure Scan II
Sure Scan II

Formulated, manufactured and filled in the USA, Sure Scan II™ Plus is a “pour over” replacement option that provides exceptional performance in Diagraph, Foxjet, and Matthews high-resolution inkjet printers. The Sure Scan II Plus decreases downtime, reduces costs, and eliminates waste, as it does not require the system to be purged before use. Minimal bleeding ensures precise definition and high scanability. This product also offers premium durability, a fast dry time and 12-month shelf life, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

“Our oil-based Sure Scan II Plus is perfect for manufacturers, who can now make an independent choice to replace expensive Scan True inks used with the high-res Trident head,” says Jeanette Klein, IIMAK Product Manager - Fluid Inks. “It’s a sensible path to significant cost savings. There is no system flush needed, so it’s an easy, direct replacement without stopping the production line.” Sure Scan II™ Plus is available for fast shipping in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, and Europe.

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