Squid Ink: Improved solvent-based ink

Squid Ink Mfg.’s improved SI-AC70 solvent-based ink for use in large character dot matrix printing systems is an ideal solution for manufacturers needing fast-drying, high-quality dot matrix codes on non-porous substrates.

SI-AC70 solvent-based ink
SI-AC70 solvent-based ink

SI-AC70 runs in Squid Ink’s SQ/2 and SQ/2 Scorpion printing systems and is also a reliable direct replacement for a number of OEM drop-on-demand printers, yielding high-quality results that lead to longer machine life, less downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

A number of components in the improved formulation have been replaced to reduce fluid particle size while maintaining print quality, resulting in a more maintenance-friendly solvent-based ink. The new formulations have been put through rigorous testing procedures to deliver a product that will meet or exceed OEM standards.

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