Fort Dearborn Company: 'Floatable' and recyclable shrink sleeve labels

The new labels have a low specific gravity to separate and float during recycling processes.

Fort Dearborn Company introduces a shrink sleeve label that meets APR (Association of Plastics Recyclers) recyclable guidelines for PET containers. The company is now able to offer brand owners a solution for their products that maintains the shelf appeal of shrink sleeves in more environmentally friendly materials.

To meet the guidelines outlined by APR, the label has been developed to address the issue of shrink sleeve label’s impact on the recycling of PET containers. The label has a lower density (specific gravity of <1.0) than traditional shrink sleeve films. The low density allows the label to float and separate from the container during recycling and not contaminate the quality of the recycled PET products. Recycling-friendly inks and coatings are also used during the printing process.

The “floatable” labels have a positive effect on sustainability efforts while offering shrink performance and optical film clarity, making them a win for brand owners and the environment. Benefits of floatable shrink sleeve labels include:

  • Meets APR ink and film guidelines for PET recycling process
  • Specific gravity <1.0 to float during recycling
  • Optical clarity
  • Printed with recycling friendly inks and coatings
  • Runs on existing application equipment
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