Michelman: Two DigiPrime primers for HP digital

Michelman introduces HP-recommended DigiPrime 050 and 060 primers formulated for the HP Indigo 20000 and 30000 digital presses.

DigiPrime 050 is a primer formulated for the HP Indigo 20000, a press designed to print on reel-based flexible packaging substrates, labels and shrink sleeves. Michelman’s primer is designed to enhance adhesive bond strength between film layers, and can be used on conventional adhesive laminated structures.

DigiPrime 060 is formulated for the HP Indigo 30000, a sheet-fed press designed to print on folding cartons. Michelman’s DigiPrime 060 is designed to enhance ink adhesion on the substrate, and will not interfere with converting operations including erection of the carton, gluing, date coding and bar coding.

DigiPrime and Michem In-Line primers are HP-recommended and improve ink receptivity, rub resistance and image quality on most types of paper, plastic, and film. DigiGuard overprint varnish enhances print quality and protects printed materials.

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