RPC Tedeco-Gizeh: Polypropylene-based container

Ppure containers from RPC Tedeco-Gizeh are made from a unique, ultra-clear polypropylene-based material that helps fresh and convenience food suppliers enhance brand image, emphasize product quality, and create effective on-shelf appeal.

Pw 56551 Ppure Containers Cost Effective Alternative To Apet Strict Xxl

The new Ppure containers offer a cost-effective alternative to the traditional APET formats.  The ultr-clear containers can be further enhanced with a range of decorative options including printing and labeling.

The containers are suitable for both hot and cold fill and have been designed for fast and efficient throughput on all types of automated filling processes. Consumers will appreciate the strong, lightweight, microwaveable containers which are easy to handle.

The material's light weight reduces transportion costs and carbon footprint.   Containers are also recyclable, improving sustainability efforts.


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