Cortec Corp.: Food-grade machinery lubricant

Designed to be applied on machinery where incidental contact with food may occur without danger of food intoxication, Cortec Corporation’s CorrLube Food Grade Penetrant is a multi-purpose, light duty, non-toxic, lubricating oil that contains only USDA H-1 approved ingredients.

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CorrLube has a very low surface tension on water-oil-metal-air interfaces, which provides complete surface coverage and water displacement.

This product penetrates quickly to free rusted or corroded fasteners and facilitates easy operation of air-actuated pins and guides. CorrLube also serves as an anti-corrosion film on equipment during idle periods.

CorrLube contains an H-1 approved bacteriostatic preservative that retards the growth of bacteria which is often present in conventional lubricants used in food and beverage processing plants.  Because of H-1 approval, CorrLube can be applied on machinery where contact with food can occur as well as federally inspected meat and poultry plants, beverage, and other food processing facilities.

This product has been tested according to ASTM D-97, D-1748, D-130, D-971, D-445, D-2161 and is RoHS compliant.


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