Pacific Packaging Components, Inc: Bottle delivers “last drop”

Using a patented built-in reservoir, Pacific Packaging’s unique, heavy-weighted glass bottle allows consumers to use every last remaining drop of its contents.

Pw 52702 Lastdroppic1

The bulb dropper is able to reach into the reservoir for the final drops of product.  Normal bulb and push button dropper packages on the average waste about 2-5% of the formula per bottle, according to the company. For customers that are spending a premium price for a high-end formula, the ability to consume the entire product is important.

The bottles are currently available in 30ml size with two designs – rounded square glass or rounded cylinder.  The bottles may be frosted, sprayed, or metalized to obtain a cohesive look for a product line. The decoration options are limitless – silk screen, hot stamp, off-set printing, or label. The high-end bulb dropper is available with glass pipette, and over shell collar that may be customized in shiny, matte, or injection- molded colors.

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