Clearly Clean Products, LLC: Recyclable MAP tray

Clearly Clean Products, LLC’s recyclable Modified Atmosphere Package tray for meat, poultry, and entrées is an FDA-compliant tray that utilizes a patented process of applying a peelable, thin printed liner to an RPET tray using the same material that is used in water bottles.

Pw 51074 Tray

Clearly CleanÂąs tray is simple for processors to seal, and easy for consumers to use. The trays work within existing equipment.  Consumers handle the trays the same as other trays except they are instructed to merely peel and discard the liners and recycle the trays in their recycle bins.

The US-manufactured tray comes in industry-standard sizes: 10S and 3P.  It is also competitively priced with current, non-recyclable MAP trays.

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