Videojet Technologies Inc: Non-porous black ink dries quickly on coated cartons, labels

Videojet’s new ink for its 8510 and Wolke thermal ink jet (TIJ) printer lines is a Non-Porous Black ink (WLK660072) designed for fast dry times on a wide range of non-porous materials, extending the code assurance features of the printers to a wider range of applications.

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Designed for customers packaging pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, food, personal care items, or consumer packaged goods that often use coated cartons or labels,  Non-Porous Black dries quickly on a range of surfaces, such as coated or lacquered cartons, blister package materials and some plastics, without the use of a dryer, or the need to modify the substrate. In addition, the ink maintains light and water resistance, withstanding fading and smearing under routine conditions and/or after water contact.  HP technology is being utilized to print this ink.

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