Printing Company Verstraete: Metallic ink for labels

Printing Company Verstraete produces IML labels that are printed with metallic UV ink (Metallic IMLINK) to provide a quality metallic effect and ensure that products stand out on the shelves.

Pw 48142 Iml

The metallic effect is achieved through the use of silver ink.  By printing traditional IML labels with metallic silver ink,  Printing Company Verstraete is able to offer a less expensive alternative for packaging in those instances where the premium solution of using metallic IML labels with metallised cold foil is cost effective.

The color range in the conventional metallic inks sector is rather limited and the metallic effect that is achieved is not always optimal. Using metallic silver ink produces a much more convincing result, while giving clients the freedom to choose the colors they want.

The company’s metallic silver ink produces a result that is very close to the result obtained using rotogravure and flexo printing procedures, but at a better price and with all the advantages of sheet-fed offset printing.

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