Zip-Pak: Resealable closure closes without exact alignment

Able to be integrated into existing packaging lines with only minor modifications to machinery, Zip-Pak’s Vector closure is self-sealing, allowing consumers to easily reseal it without exact alignment of the opposing segments.

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The unique design allows Vector to be used as a mated fastener for conventional applications.  Its ability to mate to itself will advance Zip-Pak’s new packaging concepts that require a self-sealing closure, including Pour & Lok and Zip360.

Pour & Lok allows a product to be poured from the side gusset of a package, making it a consumer convenience enhancement for a range of dry goods in large format pouches.

From cookies and crackers to cereal, pet food, and fertilizer, the Zip360 is a wide-mouth pouch format that features a Vector resealable matrix around the entire opening to enable easy access to contents and simple closure. With space for graphics around the entire surface area of the pouch, Zip360 also maximizes the point-of-purchase impact.

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