Croda Polymer Additives : Anti-fog additive for polypropylene food packaging

Croda Polymer Additives’ Atmer 7373 is a new anti-fog concentrate, which is said to provide a solution to fogging in clear polypropylene food packaging in both hot and cold fogging applications.

Pw 44467 Atmer 7373 Final Pr

Effective in most grades of polypropylene, especially in PP homopolymer, Atmer 7373 works by preventing droplet formation on plastic surfaces, keeping food looking fresher for longer.

As a highly-loaded concentrate the additive is particularly useful for converters who can easily handle its pellet form.  It is also useful for masterbatch producers who either cannot or do not wish to handle soft and pasty raw materials.

The product’s unique formulation is said to overcome many of the processing difficulties encountered when using traditional additives at the levels needed to impart effective anti-fogging. Atmer 7373 is a 40% concentrate supplied in pellet form for easy dosing. It helps to control the rate of migration and allows an even dispersion of the additive on the polymer surface.   Atmer 7373 is fully food approved.

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