Eco-Products Inc: Eco-friendly cups

Made from 100% renewable resources, Eco-Products’ “ZERO by Eco-Products” is a line of hot cups and cold cups whose carbon impacts have been measured and fully offset through a partnership with leading carbon offset provider Renewable Choice Energy.

100% renewable
100% renewable

The Zero Line is an addition to the company’s GreenStripe family of products. Both the hot cup and cold cup meet ASTM standards for compostability.  The carbon offsets for the Zero line are informed by two years of product Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) work done by the company to better understand the cradle-to-grave environmental impacts associated with their complete product portfolio.

Eco-Products offers customers the ability to receive customized reports detailing the life cycle impacts of their purchases, enabling universities, hospitals, corporate campuses, and others to understand the true environmental impacts associated with their foodservice packaging.

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