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Tap the Cap, Inc: Universal dispensing bottle cap for supplements

Tap-The-Cap’s Universal cap-capsule can dispense supplements contained in the cap into 99% of all still water bottles when the cap is pushed on an open bottle of plain water, locked in place, and shaken to dissolve the cap’s ingredients in the water.

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Most vitamins and other nutrients are very sensitive and lose their power the moment they get mixed with a liquid, particularly water. In other words they start deteriorating the moment the bottle leaves the filling line.  When consumers buy a supplement packed in a Tap-The-Cap dispensing cap, they can attach it to their preferred brand of water and make the mixture themselves—guaranteeing freshness of the supplement.  The cap has a universal design that even accommodates non-threaded beverage bottles. To use Tap-The-Cap: remove the (screw) cap of the water bottle; push the Tap-The-Cap over the neck of the bottle; tap down on the spout; shake the bottle; pull up on the spout and enjoy the drink.

Can be used to dispense many supplements, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

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