Schreiner MediPharm: Label helps fight drug counterfeiting

Using integrated covert inscriptions, Schreiner MediPharm’s Pharma-Comb Void label helps eliminate the illegal practice of empty vials being refilled with fake drugs and resold.

Pw 38628 Smp Pharma Comb Void Sept 2011

The multi-part product label is functionally destroyed during its initial use.  When the label’s tear strip--which also runs around the closure cap--is removed, the inscriptions “Opened” and “Used” appear in the film’s 2 indicator fields.  This makes the undetected reuse of a glass container with an original label virtually impossible. 

The label also offers a valuable added benefit for healthcare personnel: when the label is opened, a detachable part is released that serves to mark the syringe accordingly.

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