Ball Corp.: European can size now available in North America

Ball Corporation’s “imperial pint” 568mL beverage can--about 19.2 ounces—is said to be the first of its kind in North America.

Pw 38558 Ball 568m L Beverage Can

The 568mL can, often called a royal or imperial pint in the United Kingdom, offers a new option to differentiate brands and appeal to consumers in the US and Canada. The sleek-looking 568mL beverage can’s unique size--approximately the height of a 24-oz. can and the diameter of a 16-oz. can--provides beverage makers with valuable on-the-shelf differentiation and is particularly useful for energy drinks, teas, alcoholic beverages, and other premium products.

As with all Ball aluminum beverage cans and aluminum bottles, the 568mL cans are said to contain the highest percent of recycled content on average of any beverage substrate. They also chill quickly, are stackable, and 100% recyclable.  Ball now offers more than 20 can sizes worldwide.

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