Buckhorn, a Myers Industries, Inc Co.: 48- x 45-in. bulk box features injection-molded base and structural foam panels

Available in 25- or 34-in. heights, the lightweight BN4845 Bulk Container from Buckhorn features sturdy, structural-foam side panels and drop-down doors, and a strong, injection-molded, two-piece welded base to maintain load capacity, strength, and ease of use.

Pw 38255 Buckhorn New 4845 C 23768 B

The box includes ergonomic handles as well as four drain holes for better outside storage. The BN4845 nests with competitive bins when upright or collapsed, and provides four-way forklift entry. Its full 31.7-in.-wide dual drop-down doors are either 10.25- or 14.5-in. deep based on the height of the box. The doors do not block fork openings, minimizing damage to the container. Panels simply snap into the base while the latches and hinges lock into the door.

The bulk box is 100% recyclable. It offers a 3:1 return ratio--234 collapsed containers will fit in a 53-ft. trailer. Its easy-to-repair construction also features added decoration areas often required for industrial applications, including multiple recessed ID tag areas on all four sides of the base and additional flat surfaces on the panels and doors for labels or RFID tracking.

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