WEILBURGER Graphics: Low-migration film laminating adhesive for food packaging

Weilburger Graphics’ Senobond® WB Film Laminating Adhesive FP NDC 29-3536 375222 is a water-based 2-component adhesive with excellent adhesion values for lamination of all common film types to absorbent substrates.

Pw 37941 Senobond Wb Fp Ndc Rgb

The use of carefully selected raw-materials combined with ISEGA certification allows the legal use of this adhesive for food packaging and for packing of odor-sensitive goods.  The company’s complete range of products has been re-cataloged and re-evaluated to comply with current statutory requirements and the recommendations issued by FABES and ISEGA as well as by the Swiss Commodities Act SR 817.023.21.  A reworked product class list is available and may be downloaded from the company’s website.


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