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Bericap : Lighter weight one-piece plastic-bottle closure

Bericap’s 1-piece DoubleSeal™ 1881 SuperShorty® closure is said to achieve weight savings of 20% in the closure and bottle finish.

Pw 1881 Webbericap
The closure features BERICAP DoubleSeal™ technology, a 2-in-1 Outer plus Inner seal in a single piece, liner-less closure. DoubleSeal™ closures provide lateral, opposing-force pressure from both the outside and inside, effectively supporting instead of distorting the neck.  Provides a tight, secure seal to retain carbonation.  Made with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).  PCO 1881-compatible DoubleSeal™ SuperShorty® system fits smoothly into existing operations.  Traditional 1810 systems weigh 8.0 g while the new 1881 system is just 6.22 g
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