Multivac Inc: Reclosable thermoform pack

Multivac’s new reclosable thermoform package has a top web formed with a deep, angled recess that snaps into the bottom web to tightly close the package and keep product fresh.

Pw 7268 Webmultivac
The angle of the top web serves a second purpose in preventing product from sliding downward when the package hangs vertically. Customers may also choose the point at which the top web “hinges” open and closed based on the size and shape of the product and the desired tension of the lid. Formed from semi-rigid top and bottom films, packages can also be gas flushed for MAP applications to extend shelf life. The interior bottom surface of the tray is formed with ridges to promote proper circulation of the inert gas around the product. Opening tabs can be formed with protrusions to facilitate easy opening, and the packages may also be custom-formed for easy stacking and shipping.

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