The Drake Company: Sustainable packaging program for club stores

The Drake Company introduces Lite-Pak™, a sustainable primary packaging solution developed specifically for products merchandized through the club store retail channel.

Pw 7569 M Drake

The new packaging system meets the strict environmental packaging requirements of a growing number of retailers while also streamlining the packaging process for marketers merchandising through club stores. Lite-Pak works within the Drake Company’s Club Pack system which uses a pre-set (pallet program template) format to create the right primary packaging size and pallet configuration to meet both the club store’s strict requirements and consumer packaged goods companies’ (CPGs’) retail goals.

Lite-Pak also helps to deter theft because it seals completely around both the perimeter of the package and the blister window. The perimeter seal also gives Lite-Pak extra rigidity, allowing it to easily support double-stacked pallets. The Drake Company also designs the packaging graphics in select flute combinations with SBS or SBS-corrugated combo strengths, and then calculates the pallet count and configuration that are within the club store’s strict specifications.

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